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Do you remember those posters that you use to have on your bedroom wall when you were a wee lad? I’m not taking the ones of the female form I’m talking mid engined Italian sports cars. That’s right the stuff that all boys dream of, outrageous spoilers, mad body lines and engine sounds to die for. Well the everyday chap on the street could never and will never afford these types of rides, so the only real way to get close to such machines is the Auto Italia show.

Held at Brooklands the show was a cracking day out, the weather was scorching and so too were the cars on display. I think that it is safe to say that I have never seen so many Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and Maserati’s of all eras on display in one go. And to top that off, some real classic thrown into the mix such as Abarth 131’s, Lancia Integrale, Stratos, and Cheeky little Fiat 500’s alongside some of the more modern stuff such as Fiat Uno’s, Punto’s, Coupes and a shed load of Alfas. As you could imagine the Italian car owners can be as passionate as any other, even if they are said to be a constant battle to keep on the road. But blood, sweat and tears aside, I think if you asked any owner, be it of a Lambo, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia or Alfa they would all reply with a “Yes it is all worth it” or “I just can’t live with out it” or something else along those lines.

The show was spread out all around Brooklands and did have a lot to fill the day up with, most of the show was static, and however the hill climb did pull in the crowds with a real mixture of examples tackling the incline. Overall it was a real great day out full of the cars of your dreams.

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