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UK CRUISING DEAD! …..well that is debatable.
Having not been to a cruise for a few years, it was assumed that the UK cruise scene was either dead or simply just not worth worrying about. This weekend’s Robin Hood Rally had been cancelled so an opening in the calendar had arisen. We got wind of the Revenge Cruise going down is East London so thought that it would be rude not to. A short 45 miles blast for us and as we converged on the location we just knew that we were going to be pleasantly surprised. A 30 minute que to get into the selected retail park (a cruise hot spot of years gone by) attracted the local fuzz in no time, but what do they do with a thousand odd boy racers? have them tearing up the public roads or simply let them get on with what they do?Eventually we got parked up and had a bit of a gander, in amongst the mainly not so interesting rides was a wide selection of hot metal, Jap Tuner, Show, Euro, Track Slag to even the odd Rat look. I think this night attracted a good mix of all of these and gave the night something for everyone. A couple of crowd pleaser’s were a couple of mint super cars in the forms of Lambo’s, and for 90s lovers, a lovely example of a mint RST (pictured above). Amongst the mutton dressed as lamb there were a few honeys floating about, some wannabe models hoping to hit the bit time, others far from pleasing to the eye.

As far as the atmosphere goes at cruises, this night had small pockets dotted about the place, with the odd burnout or two cropping up. The usual banging sound systems pelted out various flavours of urban music, some systems performed well, others just a mass of distortion. As the night moved on an incident sparked off a mass attendance from the met, we were even treated to a UFO flying over head beaming down it’s search light, and with this time was getting on for midnight, this in-sighted a mass charge for the exits. All in all this was good night out, after not being sure of what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised at not both the turnout, but the range of what was on show, maybe just maybe there is hope for the UK cruise scene?

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