What is Xlerate?

Well to put it simple, we are our own little corner of the internet, a kind of online outlet, with a passion for our interest.

What is the nature of the subjects & contents?

In brief our core areas of interest are anything along the lines of motorsport and motoring really, plus the odd extra subject thrown into the mix.  We like to cover mainly the Road, Race, and Rally fields but are not adverse to anything that may grab our attention or sparks an interest.

Why the name Xlerate?

At the time of its creation, Xlerate was in the phase of the modified car scene, Xlerate was chosen for a name because we wanted to be a little bit different from all the other online car clubs and modified related website. In effect we didn’t want to limit ourselves by the name, we wanted to be future proof with room to grow and evolve.

Where did Xlerate come from?

Xlerate was borne in 2003 from the joining of two other separate independent websites that were run by Andy & Brian the founders and owners of Xlerate. In the first few years, a small group of like minded friends, who all had the same interest and enjoyed going out week in week out to various events around UK, all helped in contributing to the website in some way.

What is Xlerate’s background?

As mentioned; the first area of interest was the modified car and cruise scene. However, over time Xlerate has evolved to what we consider to be a more of a grown up, more focused site.

In 2006 we started to shift our focus and areas of interest onto the UK Motorsport arena. Some of the first events in our sights that featured on the website were the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC) and the British round of the World Rally – WRC (Wales Rally GB).

2007 Xlerate was a very successful year, with its all new direction in place, the foundations were starting to be built up, as we travelled all around the UK to cover a wide range of events. With major events such as the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC), Deutsche Touring Car Masters (DTM), The FIA & British GT Championships, Britcar Championships, British Rally Championships (BRC) and World Rally Championships (WRC) all being featured, the future of Xlerate was looking clear. However staying true to our grass route will still had time for odd bit of modified action, visiting shows such as Ripspeed Donny North and Trax.

In 2008 & 09 Xlerate continued to cover a vast amount of Motorsport events, rallying became a strong subject with events from the MSA Gravel rally championships, The British Rally Championships (BRC), The MSA British Historic Rally Championships (BHRC) and the BTRDA.

Whilst on track, we regularly visited some of the UK race circuit such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Thruxton for many race series including: BTCC, 750mc, BRSCC and BARC.

On the road front; we also touched on the odd classic car show/meets as well, however the modified car element had all but started to fizzle out by 2009.

2010 Xlerate continued to attend a selection of some of the UK’s major rallying events but the track side of things had dipped a fair bit as our passion for rallying became more and more of a strong point. And so by 2011 and 2012 rallying became the main focus for us with only really the odd classic car show being thrown into the mix. The action on the race track has pretty much gone from us now but that’s not too say that it might not make a return to our camera lenses in the future.

In 2012 we ventured outside of the UK for the first time, visiting Spain for the final round of the World Rally Championships (WRC) and in 2013 we ventured across the channel into Belgium for the Ypres round of the European Rally Championship (ERC). In addition to our continued coverage of some of the UK’s best Rally Championships, we also welcomed the birth of a new historic rally championship with the forming of the RAC Rally Championship, visiting three rounds (the Mid Wales, Neath Valley & Red Kite Stages) of this very popular new series we got a rather good helping of these fantastic machines from years gone by.

As we progressed thru 2014, we continued to capture action from selected UK rallies such as rounds from the MSA Asphalt Rally Championship, the BTRDA & RAC, but we’ve also had our first taste of the FIA World Rally Cross Championships down at Lydden Hill Circuit. With extra car shows such as Ford AVO National Day, Luton & Heathrow classics thrown in for good measure too, we really have enjoyed doing what we do.

2015 followed much the same as previous years; classic rallies in Gods own country of Wales mixed in with a trip to a new event for us in the form or the Mini Epynt Stages and a return to the BTRDA round in the Woodpeckers Stages based in Ludlow. 2015 was also a little sad for us as we experienced what possible was the last Tempest Rally as the organizer’s take the tough decision to call it a day on the event. One of our personal favourites as not only was it perhaps the last remaining Forest Stage rally in the South of England but this is where proper stage rallying all began for us back in 2006, we can only hope that the event and the forest stages used will return again in the future.

2016 was an eventful year, we made another trip overseas to the wonderful Italian island of Sardinia for not only a wee summer holiday but a round of World Rally Championships for some hot action jumping in the dust. The MSA British Rallying Championship was back on our radar and kicked off on the Mid Wales Stages on snow making for some picturesque snaps and a second trip as the BRC joined up with the BTRDA on the Nicky Grist stages. We also visited a couple of new events including the AGBO Stages at Weston park, we tried our hands at photographing off road car trials at a local Ivinghoe Sporting Trials venue and we headed back to our old friend Brands Hatch for some mad British Truck Racing action in November. Britain’s round of the FIA World Rallycross (WRX) was another big event for us down at Lydden Hill as was Britain’s round of the FIA World Rally Championships (WRC) at Wales Rally GB where the weather was a little kinder to us compared the previous year. We saw 2016 out with a new more compact running of the Wyedean stages as this event moved dates this year after its exit from the BTRDA.

We kicked off  2017 with another trip to Brands Hatch for the Winter Stages, a round of the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship, a series which is proving rather popular being over subscribed for every round, followed by a snow forced cancellation at the Cambrian Rally in North Wales for what was supposed to be the 2017 BTRDA season opener. We had our last trip to Lydden hill as the FIA World RX says goodbye and re-locates to Silverstone for 2018 and we had a taste of what’s to come as we were invited along to the launch of the Speed Machine Festival which incorporates Britain’s World RX round next year.

2018 was the year to Go Big or Go Home as we headed overseas once again for two of our favorite WRC events, Sardinia and Spain, as well as traditional venture out in to the forest of North and Mid Wales for Rally GB. The WRX peaked this year and we had a blast at the SpeedMachine festival held at Silverstone. Amongst these world class events we still managed to fit in some great National events from the BTRDA Rally Championships for example.

The future

And so on that note, the future for Xlerate is clear, we will continue to cover some of the best UK Motorsport events from around the country, capturing the action out on the stages. We hope to make further trips abroad to international events and there is no doubt that we will still throw in the other car/motoring related event in to the mix such as the odd classic car show.